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4 Ways MPS Can Help Law Firms

Print is an essential part of the legal field. From depositions and court motions to custody agreements and wills, printing takes up over 10% of the annual revenue of a law firm, on average. Despite this, many firms don’t carefully track their print costs and may be spending more than they realize. Managed Print Services can help law firms get these costs under control, while offering other benefits as well.

Accurate Billing 

Managed Print can help you gain insight into your print expenses by tracking every print you make, and producing customized reports that make your print spending more transparent. With this data, you can accurately bill clients for the printing you are doing on their behalf.

Centralized Print Management

Too often, printers are bought on an ad-hoc basis, leading to unused or under-utilized devices, misuse of more expensive equipment, and old printers costing you more than you realize. With MPS, you’ll receive an audit of every print device in your fleet and learn how they are being used. With this data, a Managed Print Services provider will offer customized solutions to manage your print environment in a way that is more time- and cost-effective for your firm.

Improved Security

Law firms must be especially careful about the security of their documents, and printers are often the least secure part of a network. A Managed Print Services provider can help you improve your security with solutions such as authentication, pull-printing and audit trails, protecting both your company and your clients from sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Regulatory Compliance

In the legal field, when practices are regulated and proof of compliance is required, a Managed Print Services provider can gather this data for you and produce the appropriate reports, so you can be assured you are always in compliance.

The legal field is necessarily print-heavy, but that doesn’t mean your costs have to be high. Working with a Managed Print Services provider, you can create a more efficient print environment, gain insight into your costs, bill your clients more accurately, and improve your security and compliance. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Call one of our PrimeEdge team members today to schedule a free, no-obligation print assessment.

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