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Network Design and Consulting

Having networks that are up to speed and are solid is crucial. We, at PrimeEdge understand this better than anyone else.  We also understand that keeping your data, your people, and your clients close has never been more complex.  Having the right network could mean the difference between good business and great business.

PrimeEdge will put the world at your fingertips starting with a network design that can support your business needs.

  • Switches & Routers
  • Firewall/router configuration
  • Remote Access Services
  • Application Hosting Services
  • Remote Monitoring Services
  • File storage and backups
  • Device/endpoint support

Cybersecurity eBook

Cybersecurity should be a concern for every business, of every size, across all industries.

This FREE Guide provides the context for how cybersecurity is evolving to meet these threats and stats, and we’ll offer some insight into what’s coming next.
  • IT priority areas and why you should care
  • Preventative measures to avoid technology issues
  • How to stay current on potential threats
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