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Printer Security

Ignoring Printer Security Can Be Costly

In today’s connected world, security must be a top priority. However, a recent survey shows that only 39% of companies rank printer security as a priority. This is an unfortunate oversight that cyber-criminals are more than willing to take advantage of.

Printer-Related Data Breach

By the numbers…

53% of IT managers know their printers are vulnerable

64% believe that their printers might become infected with malware

Only 40% are confident in their ability to protect this element of their network

This means that there are many businesses at risk and vulnerable to a print-related data breach.

Desktop Management

Preventing a Breach

By implementing security protocols you’ll reduce your risk of a print-related data breach.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Encrypt stored data, as well as data traveling to and from the printer
  • Securely erase hard drives to minimize what is stored on the printer leaving less for a hacker to steal
  • Authenticate user access using a multi-factor approach and pull printing for extra security
  • Keep device firmware, security and OS updated
  • Use fleet management tools to ensure active security protocols are in place

Printer security is a must for any company concerned about the integrity of their network. By implementing comprehensive security protocols you’ll potentially save your company thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of repairs.

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