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Managed IT

Are you struggling with an understaffed IT department?

Unsure about what technology is best for your business?

What if you lost critical data to a hard drive crash, cyberattack or a natural disaster, would you be able to recover?

Do you have a tested backup and disaster recovery strategy in place?

Managed IT
Synching Phone

No Backup – No Data

No Business

PrimeEdge Managed IT Services can help organizations develop and strengthen their IT infrastructure to keep them up and running 24/7/365. Managing IT is complex. Many organizations may be capable of keeping their IT infrastructure up on a daily basis, but can they deal with the biggest IT challenges?

Paying for, and maintaining, leading-edge technology has become too complex and expensive for the average organization to manage on its own.

Common IT Challenges

  • Loss of Data
  • Security Threats
  • IT Downtime
  • Cloud Confusion
  • Productivity Issues
  • Budget Constraints
  • Lack of Qualified People

The Solution

The old model of buying and deploying IT assets and employing an IT staff to maintain infrastructure is quickly being replaced with a pay-as-you-go alternative called Managed IT Services.

Start With a PrimeEdge Technology Assessment

We provide you with a snapshot of the current state of your IT infrastructure, its ability to support your business needs today, and its readiness to handle future growth.

A typical PrimeEdge Assessment includes:
• Servers
• Power
• OS and Security Update Status
• Email
• Anti-virus, Anti-malware Security
• LAN and Wireless Networks
• Internet Firewall Security
• Backup
• Documentation

We’ll present you with a full report and recommendations to help you identify and understand gaps in your infrastructure, and the opportunities available to you.


PrimeEdge Managed IT Services

Managed IT is an ongoing relationship designed to enhance your existing internal IT resources with a focus on maximizing technology to achieve your business objectives. When you partner with us, we’ll design a Managed IT Solution to meet your specific business goals and budget.

Popular Outcomes of a PrimeEdge Solution

  • Access to a Professional IT Staff
  • Predictable Budgeting
  • OPEX vs CAPEX Spend
  • Faster Response Time
  • Vendor Management
  • Peace of Mind

If your IT environment needs improvement, take the first step and call us to arrange a PrimeEdge IT assessment! We’re ready when you are!

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