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XaaS      Everything as a Service     CapEx vs OpEx


The business model of the future.

  • What if you could change your technology capital outlays to a monthly utility bill model?
  • What if you could wrap your IT support/software outlays into a monthly utility bill model?
  • What if you had the ability to increase or decrease your hardware/support needs as your business or staffing needs changed and just have your monthly utility bill increase or decrease?

Instead of struggling every year with unpredictable capital expenses for technology, you would now have a known monthly reoccurring rate and “Pay as you Go”.

Outcomes of a PrimeEdge XaaS Solution

  • Access to a Professional IT Staff
  • Predictable Budgeting
  • OPEX vs CAPEX Spend
  • Fast Response Time
  • Vendor Management
  • Peace of Mind

Cybersecurity eBook

Cybersecurity should be a concern for every business, of every size, across all industries.

This FREE Guide provides the context for how cybersecurity is evolving to meet these threats and stats, and we’ll offer some insight into what’s coming next.
  • IT priority areas and why you should care
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