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Server and Network Monitoring

Proactive Technology Infrastructure Management

Along with monitoring and optimization of individual PCs residing on the network, Remote Management Services can help optimize network performance. Today, for many businesses, their network has become the primary method of communication with employees, vendors, and customers.

It’s critical to ensure that the network infrastructure is always available and operating at peak efficiency. Being able to predict, identify, and resolve problems within the network infrastructure is the key to maintaining peak performance.


Remote Management Services offer a level of IT support that increases the reliability and performance of business technology by continuously monitoring and proactively managing your business IT systems.

Desktop Management

Remote Server Support

Remote Server Support provides maximum uptime through secure and immediate server access whenever a potential problem arises. This service enables a support engineer to log into your server using a secure remote access tool, identify any problems and resolve them remotely. This can be done quickly and conveniently, 24/7, without client intervention or disruption.

Desktop Management

Desktop Management


Remote Network Monitoring

Remote Network Monitoring allows for the resolution of network issues before they become major problems. With 24/7 proactive network monitoring, you’ll have peace of mind that the key components of your network infrastructure are operating reliably.

With Remote Network Monitoring, key network elements are identified such as internet connectivity, firewalls, mail, web and file servers and then remotely monitored. The business impact level and escalation requirements are defined and then thresholds are configured for each service monitored. If a monitored element or device reaches a threshold, a notification is triggered and then, based on the notification rules, an alarm is verified and remote repair is initiated.

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