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Managed Security

Let Us Protect Your Confidential Data

Internal and external threats to your company’s confidential data are becoming more frequent, and more complex. Small to medium-sized businesses continue to be major targets because they tend to be the most exposed… and the least prepared.

Are you having difficulty keeping up with today’s ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape? A PrimeEdge Managed Security solution takes a holistic approach to protect your hard copy and digital data, including:
  • Networked Printers and MFPs
  • Hard Copy Documents
  • Digital Documents
  • File Encryption
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices
  • User Access Codes

Protecting your organization isn’t easy. Disasters come in many forms, from a natural disaster to equipment failure. But today, cyber-attacks are more pervasive. They’re malicious and executed by attackers seeking vulnerabilities in your network with the intent of stealing or encrypting data and asking for ransom payments to release it.

IT Technology

Data Security and

Disaster Recovery

are No Longer Optional

There are many components that need to be addressed when creating a comprehensive security strategy in an ever-changing threat landscape. Our security specialists know what works best to prevent an avoidable attack that can devastate your business. Ready to engage? Call us today!
Cybersecurity Threats eBook

The key to managing risk is understanding the statistics behind the trends, which can help you to strategize your approach to manage the cyber threat’s risk.

This FREE Guide provides the context for how cybersecurity is evolving to meet these threats, and we’ll offer some insight into what’s coming next.
  • IT priority areas and why you should care
  • Preventative measures to avoid technology issues
  • How to stay current on potential threats
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