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Desktop Management

Keeping PCs stable and reliable is just as important as keeping your servers and network up and running. However, PC upgrades and maintenance are often neglected because they can be time-consuming tasks.

Taking a proactive, automated approach to desktop management including:

  • Complete software and hardware inventory
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam software with automated updates
  • Automated Windows patch management
  • Secure remote access to identify and repair issues before they become critical
  • Automatic detection of new PCs added to the network so they can be placed under management

…can keep your PCs up and running reliably, and cost-effectively!

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Asset Inventory and License Management

We manage and document software applications, license keys and hardware, then track them through asset inventory and license management capabilities.

Patch Management and System Optimization

An unpatched PC can be a target for malware and viruses which can then spread throughout your organization, wreaking havoc. Keeping your PCs updated with the latest security and OS patches, along with disk defragmentation and regular cache cleaning, will extend your PC’s life and keep your systems running optimally. This routine maintenance can be accomplished after hours and performed around the user’s schedule to keep productivity high.

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