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Printer Replacement with MPS: Is It Necessary?

Have you considered Managed Print Services, but worried about replacing your current printers? If so, you’re not alone. Replacing a printer fleet is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, it’s often not necessary.

What happens when you partner with a Managed Print provider?

The goal of a Managed Print solution is to improve the efficiency and productivity of your print environment. While sometimes this means replacing printers, often it means leveraging your existing printers. The first step in the process is an assessment of your current printers to understand how they’re being used. An MPS provider will discuss with you what your goals and budget are. From there, they will create a plan for your print environment, taking into consideration a variety of factors.

Can you keep your old printers?

As part of the print assessment, an MPS provider will investigate how the staff in your office are using your printers, and will determine what your actual printing costs are, taking into account:

  • Paper and toner costs
  • Frequency of downtime
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Electricity use
  • Downtime

An MPS provider will also look at the security of your existing devices to determine if any of them are putting your business at risk of a breach. This important information is necessary to help decide if keeping your current printers is the best choice.

Working with your goals in mind

Your goals and budget are the most important factors when it comes to determining when to replace your printers. Most companies cannot afford to replace a full print fleet all at once – and MPS providers understand that. However, by making strategic upgrades over time, an MPS provider can help you get the most out of your existing printers while also taking advantage of the cost and time savings newer printers have to offer. By looking at your short- and long-term goals, they can help you map out a plan that will grow with your company, without straining your budget.

Printers are expensive, so replacing them is a daunting prospect. However, with MPS, you can have a strategic plan that includes getting the most use out of the printers you already own, while integrating new devices that benefit your business over time. Want to learn more? Give one of our team members a call and we’d be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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