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Why You Should Track Your Print Costs

Keeping track of supply costs and staying within a budget are crucial for the financial health of a business. One area where costs are often overlooked is printing supplies. This can be a big mistake because typically, businesses often overspend on these supplies without knowing it. Employees could be ordering

Reduce Your Print Costs in 2020 With MPS

Do you know how much you spend on print each year? If you don’t, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 90% of business owners aren’t sure of their actual annual print spend. A Managed Print Services provider can help you gain visibility into your actual prints costs and offer solutions

Printer Replacement with MPS: Is It Necessary? | PrimeEdge Technology

Printer Replacement with MPS: Is It Necessary?

Have you considered Managed Print Services, but worried about replacing your current printers? If so, you’re not alone. Replacing a printer fleet is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, it’s often not necessary. What happens when you partner with a Managed Print provider? The goal of a Managed Print solution is to

How Can a Print Assessment Help Your Business? | PrimeEdge Blog

How Can a Print Assessment Help Your Business?

While the last thing on your mind might be your company’s print environment, it’s important to consider it if you are looking to reduce spending within your organization. Read on to learn more about how you can conduct your own print assessment, and how it can help identify areas for

Are You Spending More Than You Should on Printing? | PrimeEdge Technology

Are You Spending More Than You Should on Printing?

For most businesses the print environment is the last un-audited department in the office. When you consider all that printing entails – including supplies, maintenance and repairs – if left unmanaged, you might be spending a lot more than you think. Not knowing your actual costs makes budgeting for print virtually

Reduce Print Costs to Boost Your Bottom Line

How much does your office spend on print? For many businesses it is one of their top expenses. From simple do-it-yourself ideas to outsourcing print management, there are many strategies to lower your print costs. These tips can help you reduce your print costs to boost your bottom line. Rethink