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Reduce Print Costs to Boost Your Bottom Line

How much does your office spend on print? For many businesses it is one of their top expenses. From simple do-it-yourself ideas to outsourcing print management, there are many strategies to lower your print costs. These tips can help you reduce your print costs to boost your bottom line.

Rethink Your Printing

Every page you print costs money. When you put it that way – do you really need to print out that email or memo? By taking the time to consider if a document needs to be printed before hitting the print button, you can significantly impact your costs. Using email, cloud storage, and other digital methods mean less printing and less expense.

Change Your Print Settings

Not all prints are created equal. A document for internal use may not need to be as high quality as a document for a customer. Reset your default settings for black and white double-sided printing to see immediate cost savings. You can also use draft mode printing, small fonts or margins, and “shrink to fit” to cut down on toner and paper use, when these settings are appropriate.

Limit Access

Does every employee need to have access to every printer? Consider limiting access to certain printers by user or department. Enabling printer authentication can also help reduce the number of forgotten prints left on the print trays.

Partner With the Pros

Consider partnering with a Managed Print Services provider. These print pros can conduct an audit of your print environment to help you understand how your office uses print and will develop a strategy to make your print environment more cost-efficient. Many companies can reduce their print spending by as much as 30% by partnering with Managed Print Services.

By rethinking the way you print and partnering with a Managed Print Services provider, you can change the way you handle print. With savings of as much as 30%, it’s worth the time to look at your print costs and take steps to reduce them. Contact us to learn more!

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