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Businessman holding shield protect icon. Cyber insurance and safe data concept.

Do You Know What Insurance Providers Require for Cybersecurity?

The market for cybersecurity insurance has changed in the past few years thanks to the explosion in claims. As a result, many insurers have imposed minimum requirements for coverage. Take these steps to prepare your team and meet the minimum security requirements for coverage. • Multi-Factor

outsourcing concept on virtual screen

Why You Need To Outsource Your IT

Technology is constantly getting more complex and many businesses are finding it difficult to keep on top of their IT. Outsourcing to a Managed IT Services provider can help lift the burden of managing your technology and will free your team to help grow your

Upgrade street sign in front of office building.

5 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Copier is a Good Choice

If your business is like most, you use your office copier daily; and most of the time when it’s working, you probably don’t even notice that it’s there. However, if you are using an older model, it can impact your business by slowing down workflows

What You Need to Know About e-Signatures

In today’s world, everything is digital – including signatures. Signatures are legally-binding agreements to the contents of the document, and an integral part of doing business. Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, allow this to happen digitally, but is it safe?  Is it legal?  The answer is

Printers: The Weak Links on Your Network?

Hackers love the office printer. Over half of companies forget to include them in their security plans, leaving them an open door for attack – and hackers are all too happy to walk right in. Here are five ways your printer is putting your network

Older Technology and the Risks That Come With It

With technology changing all the time, it can be hard to know when the time is right to upgrade. Some companies hold on to older technology for years because it continues to work, however, legacy technology often lacks the security and more up-to-date features posing