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Four Ways Outdated Printers are Costing You Money

Almost every business owner wants to find ways to save money. However, if you are holding on to old printers, you might actually be spending more money in the long run. Here are four ways that your company’s outdated printers could be costing you money.

#1. Replacement Parts are Scarce

Most manufacturers will stop making or carrying replacement parts for printers that are more than seven or eight years old. If your printer breaks down, you could be paying a premium for parts, if they are even available. You may experience longer downtimes while waiting for scarce parts to arrive. Eventually, you may find it difficult to have your older printer serviced because many service providers will not provide a service contract for older printers.

#2. Less Economical to Use

New printers are much more economical to use than printers manufactured eight to ten years ago. Today’s technology allows toner cartridges to last longer with some giving you up to 20,000 pages. A new printer also uses much less electricity than an older one. You may be able to reduce your cost-per-page by up to 50%, which can help give you a return on your investment sooner.

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#3. Do and Save More with Less

Depending on the size of your company, you could have more printers than you need in use. Instead of upgrading your older printers, it may make more sense to eliminate them and consolidate the rest. By consolidating printers, based on the needs of different departments within your organization, you could cut your costs for supplies and make your printing processes more efficient for your employees.

#4. Older Printers Have Limited Functionality

A ten-year-old printer will not have the multifunction capabilities of a new printer. Many of today’s multifunction printers not only print, but they can also be used to fax, scan and make copies. Therefore, they can help reduce the number of other potentially outdated machines you might be using in your business. These multifunction machines are workhorses that offer better quality prints and can handle larger files than older machines.

When Should You Replace Your Printer?

Printers are not meant to last forever! If your printer is not providing the features you need, is eight or more years old, its firmware is no longer supported by its manufacturer or its toner cartridges and supplies are difficult to find, it is time for a new one. A smart choice is to partner with a Managed Print Services provider to ensure your company’s printer needs are met in the most cost-efficient way.

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