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IT Security Policies: 3 Ways to Boost Employee Compliance

Today’s businesses have come to recognize the key role a robust cybersecurity system plays in a firm’s operations. For this reason, employee buy-in is a decisive factor whenever IT managers want to uphold the viability of an organization’s cybersecurity procedures. In other words, even the world’s best security protocols require the everyday user to observe recommended cybersecurity guidelines.

Let’s discuss three ways an organization can incentivize employee buy-in for best cybersecurity hygiene practices, and reinforce compliance.

1. Appeal to the Leadership Team

Influential leaders are important actors in creating a cyber-security-conscious corporate culture. For this reason, it’s essential to get their support. Start by bringing awareness, then explain the significance of these security policies. Ensure they understand how impactful it is to the organization when the leadership team act as role models. Plus, let them know that following these policies means they are not endangering the company but are part of those safeguarding it.

Motivated team. Agreement on security policy.

2. Carry Out Security Drills

According to Verizon’s 2021 DBIR, around 25% of all data breaches involve phishing and 85% of data breaches involve a human element. For this reason, we recommend doing more than training and creating awareness. Conducting phishing attack drills can help employees pick up on such threats and remain alert.

An excellent way to encourage staff participation is to make these tests more interactive. For example, the first employee to spot a phishing email can receive the “Cybersecurity Award.” More importantly, you must ensure that employees know what steps to take after a phishing attack by sharing a list of best practices.

3. Install Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPNs are protected tunnels that hide employees’ location and IP addresses, safeguarding the company’s system from unauthorized access. These tunnels are particularly critical if your company has remote workers who utilize personal networks or devices that are typically not as secure as the company ones.

Remember, employees may also access the system in public places such as restaurants or airports when traveling for work. It’s, therefore, a best practice to introduce VPNs and multi-factor authentication for every login to ensure authorized access.

Avert Cybersecurity Missteps

Security in the workplace is everyone’s business and not just for the IT department alone. Each member must become conscious and prioritize IT security for these cybersecurity policies to succeed.


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