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Go Green with Managed Print

There are many benefits to Managed Print Services, including significant cost savings. But many companies are surprised to find that Managed Print Services can also reduce their environmental impact. If you’re looking to get a handle on your carbon footprint, MPS can help in a variety of ways.

Reduced Resource Use

A Managed Print Services provider looks to optimize your print environment. As a result, most companies realize reduced paper and toner usage, reduced power needs and less waste. In short, you’ll use only what you need to operate your business successfully.

Each year in the United States, 85 million tons of paper are used – many of which end up in the recycle bin or landfill. By using recycled paper, it reduces not only the number of trees that are cut down, but also the amount of energy required to create the paper.

Better Habits

An MPS provider can help you develop good print habits including:

  • Defaulting to black and white / draft printing
  • Automated double-sided printing
  • Devices automatically going into sleep mode
  • Cartridge recycling

With these practices in place, you reduce your usage and expenses, while helping the environment.

Better Machines

Not all print devices are created equal. When you work with a Managed Print provider, they can help you get the most efficient machines available in your budget. These devices will use less energy and offer more automated conservation features.

When it’s time to dispose of a machine, an MPS provider can also help you do that in a environmentally-appropriate way. By recycling and proper disposal, you can prevent toxic chemicals from harming the environment.

As more companies look at their environmental impacts, a Managed Print Services provider can help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste while improving your print environment.

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