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Why December Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Printers

December is the time to tie up the loose ends of the calendar and fiscal year, so you can get a fresh start come January. So, it may seem counter-intuitive that it’s also a great time to make new office equipment purchases, but it’s true! Here’s why.

New Year, New Start

Do you have a printer that’s frequently breaking down, or one that is just not meeting your needs anymore?  By taking the time in December to analyze your current print environment, you can spot pieces of equipment that might cause you trouble in the new year. Upgrading in December lets you get off to a fresh start!

Use a Budget Surplus

When you set up the budget for the year, you devote a certain amount of money to each department. If that money isn’t used, typically the department doesn’t get to keep it. This means if you have a print or equipment budget surplus, you should spend it in December, before you lose it! Using your surplus now also sets you up to budget more effectively for next year, knowing you won’t have to account for a replacement or expensive repairs on the device you’re replacing.

Get the Tax Benefits

If you need to make a large office equipment purchase, doing it in December can have significant benefits for your current year’s taxes, reducing your tax liability.

Upgrading or replacing a printer is a big financial decision for your business, so it’s important to plan your purchases wisely. December is a great time to take stock of your print environment and determine if you need to make any new equipment purchases. By taking advantage of a budget surplus and factoring in the tax benefits, December can be the perfect time to make these purchases, setting your business up for increased productivity, efficiency, and success in the new year. Contact us today for a free quote!

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