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Digital Transformation and Its Positive Effect on the Environment

Momentum has been building for some time around brand purpose as more consumers rally behind brands that exist for reasons other than turning a profit. Today, consumers are becoming more interested in making purchases that align with their ethical and sustainability values. As such, there’s increased pressure on businesses to

Content Management vs Document Management – Is There a Difference?

Today, technology and managed content software can streamline processes and automate workflows making any business operate more efficiently and profitably. However, the range of managed content solutions can be overwhelming especially as you wade through the acronyms! In this post, we will explore two of these acronyms and hopefully clear

Document Management and Educational Organizations

Every year schools, colleges, and universities welcome thousands of new students, and each year these new students result in many new documents being produced. From applications and admission forms to financial aid documents and everything in between, each document needs to be properly processed, filed and retrieved when needed. This

Digital Document Management Results in Lower Operational Costs

Digital document management can have many benefits for your business, but you may be surprised by how much money it can save you. Studies on ROI show that digital document management systems can pay for themselves within months by reducing your operational costs. Consider these areas where you can save.

The Benefits of Digital Document Management

How much time do you spend time looking for information? A recent McKinsey report found that employees spend an average of 1.8 hours searching and gathering information each day. That’s 9.3 hours per week! Today, finding information can be easy. It shouldn’t cost 10 hours of lost productivity every week! A digital

6 Digital Document Management Tips

Digital document management can transform your business. If you’re just getting started, or want to improve the effectiveness of your solution, here are some best practices to help. 1. Set Goals and Metrics A document management system can do a number of things for your business, but where do you

The Many Benefits of a Document Management System

Almost every business relies on documents every day. Managing that information can be a time-consuming challenge, especially if it’s coming from multiple places. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise organization, a document management system (DMS) that can capture, store, search, and retrieve documents with the push of

4 Ways MPS Can Help Law Firms | PrimeEdge Technology

4 Ways MPS Can Help Law Firms

Print is an essential part of the legal field. From depositions and court motions to custody agreements and wills, printing takes up over 10% of the annual revenue of a law firm, on average. Despite this, many firms don’t carefully track their print costs and may be spending more than

4 Ways Smarter Document Management Can Improve Your Bottom Line

4 Ways Smarter Document Management Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Looking out for new ways to save money is the responsibility of every good business owner, but the solution to cutting your expenses may be closer than you think. Here are some helpful tips to get your document management back on track and start saving, today. Assess Your Print Environment In