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Keeping Your Office Copier Healthy

The office copier is essential to getting things done, so when it breaks, business can grind to a halt. To keep your copier humming along efficiently there are number of things you can do. Here are some tips that can help.

Fixing Your Copier

The first thing to realize is that most copier problems have a simple solution. You can usually remove jammed paper yourself, if you’re careful. Be gentle, and follow manufacturer instructions, so you can get all the pieces out intact.

If you’re seeing streaks on your prints, there could be a number of simple problems, such as a smudge on the glass, or a toner spill. Try to clean these, and run a few test copies to see if the streaks have improved before calling in help.

Some error codes are due to a corrupt print job, or trying to print something incompatible with your printer. Check compatibility, and then cancel and restart the print job. Often this fixes the problem.

Looking for simple problems such as these and following manufacturer instructions to clean or remove jammed paper can save you a hefty repair bill.

Preventing Trouble

Of course, the best thing to do is to prevent trouble in the first place. You can help keep your copier healthy with these tips.

  • Regularly clean debris from your copier. Be sure to brush away from the intakes, to prevent more debris from collecting inside.
  • Run test copies when you’re using your printer for the first time after extended downtime, such as a weekend. This helps your copier warm up and be ready for the intense copying the day will bring.
  • Be patient with your copier. Pressing the print button repeatedly isn’t going to fix the problem.
  • Use the paper and toner types recommended by the manufacturer. Using cheap toner or unsupported paper can lead to even more problems.

When it comes to copier breakdowns, sometimes you’re going to need to call in the professionals. However, many problems are easily fixed or prevented from happening in the first place. Following these tips can help you prolong the life of your printer, while keeping repair costs down. However, don’t attempt to fix a copier problem you’re unsure of, as this can cause even more problems. Contact us to learn more!

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