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How to Have a Successful Print Security Plan

Network security plans often overlook one of the most-used devices on the network: the multifunction printer. MFPs perform many tasks, which means they transmit a lot of data, making them a perfect target for hackers. These tips can help you get started on a print security strategy to protect your data.

Integrated Security

The worst thing you can do is forget to include your printers in your network security strategy. Creating a separate print security strategy is not enough to protect your data; you need to have an integrated security plan that incorporates every single device on your network. This way you won’t leave any gaps for criminals to sneak through.

Restrict Access

MFPs transmit and store a lot of sensitive data. To protect it, you need to restrict who has access to the printer. User authentication done at the printer itself is the best way to ensure that only authorized users are able to retrieve the pages they printed.


Encryption is a way of encoding your data to render it useless if it’s intercepted. Your MFP should encrypt all data transmissions, both to and from the printer, to help keep your data secure. However, even the best encryption is not enough. Data should be deleted from the printer’s hard drive regularly for more complete protection.


Even the best security plans can have flaws, so it’s essential to monitor your print usage. This helps ensure that all users are complying with security protocols, and creates an audit trail. If there is any unauthorized usage, this will make it easier to track down what happened and to close the gaps.

Seek Help

Security needs to be a top priority for companies in today’s digital world, but not all IT people are security experts. Managed Print Service providers have in-depth knowledge of print security that can help you develop and maintain a print security plan, so you get the most up-to-date security for your printers and network.

Printers are no longer simple devices that just print. Today’s multifunction printers do so much more – including putting your data at risk. You need a print security strategy to protect your data and your network from intrusion. Contact PrimeEdge Technology today to learn more.


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