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Digital Documents to Enhance Document Security

As more and more companies go digital, they’re realizing the many benefits digital documents have. Digital documents don’t take up precious office space with bulky filing cabinets, and they promote collaboration. However, there are concerns for businesses as well. Security is a top concern – but as it turns out, digital documents can also help improve your document security.

File Storage and Indexing

Paper files take up large amounts of space to store. When you need to find a specific document, it can be difficult to sort through these files, leading to wasted time and productivity – especially if it turns out that document got lost! However, when you have digital documents, they can be indexed for simple keyword searching. Digital documents are a lot less likely to get lost, and you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being compromised as employees search for their files.

Tracking and Access

If you have a paper document, you have no way to know who’s seen it, or even copied it without your consent. This is especially a problem for industries that have regulatory compliance concerns, such as healthcare. When you store your documents digitally, you can track who has accessed or edited the files. When it comes time for an audit you can produce this tracking log to prove compliance.

It can be very difficult to limit access to your paper documents. Digital documents, however, can be protected with passwords or other authentication techniques. Digital watermarks can also enhance your security.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

If your office was hit by a disaster, such as a fire or flood, chances are your paper documents would be destroyed. Many companies cannot survive this sort of loss. Digital documents are easy to backup, and you can even set up automatic backups to be sure everything is saved. These copies can then be stored in multiple locations, including the cloud, for easy recovery if a disaster strikes.

Though many companies have reservations about the security of digital documents, these doubts are unfounded. Digital documents allow you to enhance your document security, increase regulatory compliance, and are an important component to a successful disaster recovery plan. Contact us today to learn how transitioning to a digital document environment can benefit your business!

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