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Five Reasons For Hiring Millennials

Millennials (those born between 1985 and 2000) have recently surpassed Boomers as the largest age demographic in the workforce. They’re uniquely qualified and have some definite ideas and expectations from their employers.

If you’re hiring Millennials, you’ll need to prepare for what the experts refer to as the “job-hopping” generation and you’ll need to adapt your approach to attract the most talented prospects.

Why Millennials Get a Bad Rap

Millennials have been tagged as distracted, and obsessed with social media and their devices. It’s a bad rap, but like any other generation, they’ve been influenced by the events and experiences that shaped their worldview. If you can look past the stereotypes, you’ll find that Millennials bring a unique set of talents to your workforce.

Why You Should Hire Millennials

Millennials bring a unique set of skills and talents to the office. Here are five reasons to hire them!

They’re Natural Digital Marketers – While Millennials are criticized for spending too much time on social media, the fact is, they use it to communicate with peers more than any other generation. This makes them naturals when it comes to digital marketing. Want to promote your online business? Task it to a Millennials and watch what happens!

Highly Educated and Tech Savvy – They’re the best-educated generation in history and the first to have grown up surrounded by technology since birth. They possess a detailed knowledge of all things technology from building websites to implementing cyber security.

Motivated Team Players – Millennials love collaboration, are self-directed and value group projects.

Culturally Active, Socially Aware – Millennials are the most socially active generation since the Boomers. If your company participates in public service projects, get your Millennial team members involved and watch them shine!

A New Approach – To grow your business today you need to recruit team members who view problems as opportunities. Millennials offer a fresh perspective that fosters innovation.

According to demographic studies, Millennials are projected to be 46% of the workforce in 2020. If you’re ready to reach this unique generation, they can help you to build a highly-educated, tech savvy team that will grow your business well into the future.

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