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Cybersecurity Should Be Top of Mind in 2022

Today’s reality is that every business is potentially just a single click away from disaster. A cyber attack, whether from a malicious email, un-patched software, outdated technology, or an improperly configured system can result in a devastating impact that can cause a business to suffer.

Threats have become more sophisticated, but most cybercriminals continue to leverage “old school” weaknesses resulting in a significant number of breaches. The truth is most breaches are decidedly low-tech and easy to carry out because most organizations lack the cybersecurity.

It’s never too late to up your security game! Here are some security issues and how to minimize your risk, identify an attack, and survive.

  • The People Problem – Unsuspecting employees can be a significant security risk and are a commonly exploited vulnerability. Implementing, managing, and automating continuous User Awareness Training can really help.
  • The Email Problem – Hackers use email as the most common form of access. Email can deliver malware and ransomware, steal information, or redirect recipients to malicious websites. To mitigate the risks, install email filtering software at the enterprise level. It’s affordable, effective, and transparent to users.
  • Protecting Identity, Credentials, and User Privileges – Enable protection like multi-factor authentication (MFA) for every user and application, especially when it comes to remote access and email. MFA and solid password practices can prevent up to 99% of account compromises.
  • Monitor and Filter Internet Access – Clicking on a suspicious link in an email can take your employee to a malicious site without realizing it. Use web/DNS filtering to prevent users from visiting known dangerous sites. It’s affordable, easy to implement, and transparent.
  • Update Software, Install Patches and Upgrade Systems – Keep software current, especially security patches, when released. Replacing old technology can also significantly lower your risks.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Even with the best security, it’s impossible to be 100% secure. It’s a statistical fact that most companies will be affected by a form of cybercrime at some point in time. Having a plan in place, keeping your employees educated on how to respond in the event of an incident and up to date on current threats can help you minimize the financial, legal, and operational impact if you are breached.

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