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Protect Your Company Email from Hackers With These Tips!

Email continues to be the most popular communication channel in the workplace. And since we live in an era of increasing cyber threats, email security is essential for every business. Not sure where to begin? Here are six email security best practices to adopt. 1. Install Transport Layer Security Transport

Businessman holding shield protect icon. Cyber insurance and safe data concept.

Do You Know What Insurance Providers Require for Cybersecurity?

The market for cybersecurity insurance has changed in the past few years thanks to the explosion in claims. As a result, many insurers have imposed minimum requirements for coverage. Take these steps to prepare your team and meet the minimum security requirements for coverage. • Multi-Factor Authentication – MFA can significantly reduce

Cybersecurity Should Be Top of Mind in 2022

Today’s reality is that every business is potentially just a single click away from disaster. A cyber attack, whether from a malicious email, un-patched software, outdated technology, or an improperly configured system can result in a devastating impact that can cause a business to suffer. Threats have become more sophisticated,

Can’t Secure Your Network Without a Human Firewall

Attacks like the recent ransomware hack against Colonial Pipeline are on the rise. Colonial Pipeline carries gasoline, diesel, and natural gas from Texas to New Jersey. Hackers hijacked the company’s system and forced it to shut down, crippling critical infrastructure. This attack came in the midst of a rapidly escalating

Your Employees are the Key to Your Cybersecurity Efforts

It’s a common practice many employees make every day without even thinking about it – people open an email from an unknown sender, or click on a mysterious link, or print out sensitive customer data and leave it on the printer tray. While these seemingly innocuous actions are commonplace, they

Cybersecurity – Are You Prepared?

Cyber security breaches can wreak havoc on a business, exposing sensitive data and costing millions of dollars. Studies show that as many as 95% of these data breaches have their root in simple human error. How prepared are you against a cyberattack? Test your knowledge by answering these questions! You

4 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Business

Cyber crimes are continually on the rise, with hackers finding new ways to thwart security systems. There are many ways these nefarious characters will try to attack a business, but these four methods are some of the most common. Weak passwords – If your employees have weak passwords, it’s easy

Best Cybersecurity Practices When Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us are conducting business as remotely working from home has become the new normal, at least temporarily. With remote work comes various security challenges which many companies and individuals are trying to figure out how to deal with.  Hackers are already