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Before Migrating to the Cloud, Think About These Four Things

Today, with the increase in remote workers, the need for immediate access to customer data, and workers located in different facilities, collaboration and information sharing can be challenging. 

With data storage on the cloud, your team can access, edit, store, and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. As the cost of managing, upgrading, and securing in-house servers and hardware continues to rise, budget concerns are another major factor influencing many business’ decision to shift to the cloud.

Here are four things to consider if you’re thinking of migrating data to the cloud.

1. The Type of Data You Handle

Many industries like insurance, financial services, and healthcare are highly regulated and need to maintain control of highly sensitive data like social security numbers, credit card info, and bank account numbers. While the cloud offers robust security measures, it may not offer as much control as an on-premise server. However, for most businesses, the cloud can house all or a portion of their important data.

2. The Cost

One of the biggest benefits of migrating your data to the cloud is the cost savings you’ll enjoy. With less necessity for capital expenditures on hardware, and reduced IT staffing needs, you’ll reduce expenses and, if your needs ever change, cloud solutions are easily scalable to meet your needs.

3. Migration Challenges 

Whether you’re migrating from onsite physical servers or switching cloud providers, you’ll need to customize your new system to meet your business’s unique needs. Some legacy systems are simply not “cloud-ready.” Working with an expert can help make the transition go more smoothly, ultimately saving time and money. Also, remember one of the biggest challenges isn’t technical. Your team will need the training to adapt and make any migration successful.

4. Test, Test, Test!

A reputable provider will offer several options designed to accommodate your company’s unique needs. To narrow your choices requires a demonstration. Many providers will offer a free trial where key members of your team can assess functionality in a real-world situation.

These are just four considerations to think about if you’re considering the cloud for your business. Not sure if migrating your business to the cloud is the right move for you? We can help! Give us a call today and let’s start the discussion.

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