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Tag: cloud computing

The ROI of Transitioning Your Company to the Cloud

Transitioning your business to the cloud can be a challenging task comprised of many moving parts, each with unique rewards and risks. Calculating ROI for this type of move can be difficult, and it means that you must measure both the costs and benefits, as well as how they’ll evolve over

Help is Here for Remote Working

Since the COVID-19 crisis began just a few short months ago, remote work has gone from a growing trend to the new normal. Remote work was already on the radar of most businesses, and a growing trend, but it wasn’t necessarily urgent. Enter COVID-19, and most of us are suddenly thrown into

Before Migrating to the Cloud, Think About These Four Things

Today, with the increase in remote workers, the need for immediate access to customer data, and workers located in different facilities, collaboration and information sharing can be challenging.  With data storage on the cloud, your team can access, edit, store, and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. As the cost of managing, upgrading,