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5 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Copier is a Good Choice

If your business is like most, you use your office copier daily; and most of the time when it’s working, you probably don’t even notice that it’s there. However, if you are using an older model, it can impact your business by slowing down workflows and leaving you open to security risks.

Today’s copier technology offers a host of new features that can help to protect and grow your business such as better security, lower energy use, and a lower per-page cost.

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Here are five benefits of upgrading your copier:

  1. Prevent Security Issues – Networked older systems, while still operational, can leave your network vulnerable to cyberattacks. Older technology often doesn’t have the layers of protection newer machines can offer. This can be amplified if you have not kept up with security patches and upgrades.
  2. Less Downtime – Nothing is worse than downtime. When you print, you typically need to right away. A newer device includes the latest features, requires less maintenance, has some self-fixing capabilities, and may offer access to remote technical support that your older systems don’t.
  3. Ready for the Cloud – Today, as more businesses move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, your older machines may not be compatible. New MFP technology comes ready to integrate into the most common cloud environments. This frees up your capital to leverage your IT investments elsewhere.
  4. Low-Interest Rate Financing – Interest rates are likely to continue to rise. However, right now is a good time to upgrade. The monthly cost to operate a newer device can be less expensive than using an older one.
  5. Highest Trade-In Value in Years – Thanks to supply chain issues your machine has more value today than ever before. If you’re considering an upgrade, this increased value can save you significantly on the price of newer technology.

Upgrading office equipment is sometimes considered to be an unnecessary expense. However, newer technology can reduce costs, improve print efficiency, and offer a variety of innovative functionality.


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