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5 Ways to Know if Managed Print is Right For Your Business

As technology becomes more and more complex, it can be difficult to manage. A Managed Print Services provider can help – not only will they take the burden of maintaining and fixing your print devices from your IT team, they will also help you take control of your print costs and document processes.

If you’re not sure if Managed Print is right for you, these five warning signs are a good indicator that it might be a good time to consider a Managed Print solution.

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1. You Have No Print Policy or User Restrictions

Is your team printing unnecessary documents? Using color printing when monochrome will do? A Managed Print Services partner can help develop a print policy for your team. A print policy sets, in writing, the rules for printing for your business. Its main purpose is to provide the same types of guidelines for your company’s printers that you have for other important hardware like your computers.

2. Where’s Your IT Team?

Is your IT team dealing with printer-related issues all day? If they are it might be time to consider outsourcing your print management. An MPS provider will look after every aspect of your print environment including maintenance and repair freeing your team to focus on mission-critical tasks.

3. Consumables Ordering is Reactionary

Toner and ink are expensive. Forgotten inventory can result in unnecessary ordering and can cost you big money. Taking a more proactive approach when ordering supplies reduces downtime keeping your team productive.

4. What Is Your Actual Monthly Print Spend?

Do you know exactly what your print costs are every month? Most companies don’t. To get the full picture it’s important to track all your print-related costs including supplies, repairs, consumables, etc. You could be spending thousands for these unaccounted-for expenses annually! One of the first tasks your MPS provider will undertake is an assessment and cost analysis of your current print environment

5. You Are Struggling with Legacy Technology

Does your fleet include old technology that is slowing you down? Are you on a first name basis with your repair technician? If your print fleet includes old technology, you could be wasting money on unnecessary repairs and lost productivity. An MPS provider will help streamline your fleet for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Is your company dealing with one or more of these issues? Partnering with a Managed Print provider is a great choice. They can help get your print environment under control, improve productivity, streamline workflows and supply ordering, and will take a proactive approach to maintenance leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.


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