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Ways to Reduce Print Costs You May Not Have Considered

Do you have any idea how much your organization spends on printing each month? If not, you’re likely spending too much. If you’re like most, you consider printing to be a necessary cost of doing business. With a few simple changes you can significantly reduce those printing costs while increasing your efficiency and document workflow; here’s how.

Upgrade Your Print Equipment

Just because a printer still works, doesn’t mean it’s working for you. Old, inefficient, and outdated print equipment can be a drain on valuable resources, factoring in the cost of maintenance, supplies, energy usage, and repairs. Embrace the latest technology with feature-rich, energy efficient printers that will soon pay for themselves, through increased productivity and enhanced performance.

Take Control of Your Inventory

Without strict controls and central management, your supply of print consumables such as paper and toner cartridges can quickly pile up. By having one individual in charge of this process, you can eliminate overstocking and waste, while ensuring the right supplies are on hand when you need them.

Automate Document Workflows

Document management software can help alleviate wasteful print practices, while enhancing security and productivity. Document centric business processes can be streamlined to relieve personnel from performing redundant, time consuming manual processes, and enhancing document routing and sharing.

Go Digital

Reduce your reliance on paper by converting hardcopy documents to digital, and implementing print rules which may include:

  • Double-sided only printing
  • Color print restrictions based on user or department
  • Password protected printing to track usage

Learn How to Problem Solve

Printer troubleshooting and repair typically falls on IT personnel, and in smaller organizations where IT staff may be limited, this practice places an unnecessary strain on valuable resources. By identifying the problem areas in your print environment, you can proactively implement solutions to resolve and prevent these issues more efficiently and effectively. A Managed Print Services provider can help by evaluating your current print environment and recommending solutions that can help you save time and money.

Enhance productivity, save money on print costs, and improve document workflow, with customized print solutions for your  organization. Contact us today, to learn more about the benefits of working with an experienced, document management professional.

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