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Updates that Could Disable Your Printer

Software updates are an essential part of maintaining the security and functionality of your devices. Despite this, there may be “side effects” when doing an update. If your printer suddenly won’t work, or stops before the print job is complete, an update may be to blame.

The Problem

During a software update, important information on your device is altered to close security holes, fix problems, or increase functionality. But the update may also corrupt or erase your printer drivers. Without these drivers, your computer is unable to communicate properly with your printer, causing a host of print issues. An update may also change your printer port, not allowing communication to happen at all.

One specific problem is with Windows. During an update, your printer driver may be erased and replaced with the Web Services for Devices (WSD), which is Windows’ default method for connecting a printer. This replaces your device-specific driver, and can cause slow or erratic printing, stalled prints, or a failure to print at all.

The Fix

Microsoft is aware of this problem and have issued a patch to resolve it. However, there are steps you can take to protect your printers. The first is to turn WSD off. If you go to your print driver’s network settings, there should be the option to turn WSD off. You should also change your printer’s device type to TCP/IP rather than using auto-detect. This will stop Windows from overwriting your printer driver.

Your IT team may be struggling to keep up with failed printers and the “blue screen of death” errors that can occur when an update disables your printers. However, with PrimeEdge’s Managed Print Services, these types of problems can be detected early and fixes put in place – before the problem affects your organization.

Updates are essential, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause problems of their own. If you’re experiencing sudden print problems, an update may be to blame. Contact one of our experts at PrimeEdge to help get the bottom of the issue and get your printers back online.


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