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Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Copier

Upgrading your most frequently used office equipment is an investment that can help to increase productivity and efficiency. If you’re like most small to medium-sized business owners or managers you likely don’t give the office copier much thought until it stops working altogether—but the time to replace it is before you lose valuable time due to inefficiencies or frequent breakdowns. If you are wondering whether it is time to replace your ailing or ageing device, read on to learn some telltale signs that an upgrade is imminent.

1) Repairs are challenging. 

As your machine continues to age and parts become worn or damaged, they may need to be replaced to keep your copier functioning. While parts are readily available for several years after the date of manufacturing, there will come a time when they become obsolete and can be difficult to find. Aftermarket parts may not provide the same quality or longevity and can cause further damage to the machine, and once parts become tricky to locate, it may be time to consider purchasing a new copier.

2) Security is lacking. 

The internal drive in your office copier holds a great deal of sensitive data, and if not properly secured can pose a risk to your organization in the event of a breach. Newer copiers have superior data encryption and network protocols and multiple layers of password protection to keep your data safe.

3) Your print costs are rising. 

If you don’t know the cost of printing within your organization, your Managed Print Services provider can perform an analysis to get you back on track, but if your equipment is outdated chances are you’re paying more than you need to. Today’s copiers are more efficient than ever, using less energy to operate and fewer consumables.

4) The technology is outdated. 

Modern copiers are more user-friendly, with enhanced controls, security, and capabilities that outperform their predecessors. Older machines may no longer be compatible with your operating system or current print drivers, limiting their functionality and negatively impacting productivity and document management.

5) You want to be more eco-friendly. 

Today’s copiers consume less energy and produce less waste than those manufactured even a few years ago. If you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint, speak to us about greener print options.

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