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4 Ways Smarter Document Management Can Improve Your Bottom Line

4 Ways Smarter Document Management Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Looking out for new ways to save money is the responsibility of every good business owner, but the solution to cutting your expenses may be closer than you think. Here are some helpful tips to get your document management back on track and start saving, today. Assess Your Print Environment In

The Power of Personalized Customer Service, PrimeEdge Technology

The Power of Personalized Customer Service

Exceptional customer service plays a key role in retaining customers, maintaining financial success and growing your business. However, customer service is more than just hiring cheery employees and greeting customers at the door. Great customer service is personalized. When asked, most business owners would most likely say that’s exactly what

How to Avoid Phishing Scams, PrimeEdge Technology

How to Avoid Phishing Scams

Email is an efficient means of communication, but can also pose a risk to your business. Phishing is the most common way hackers gain personal data, and it can be easily used to install malware on your network. To avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam, every employee must

The Physical and Career Benefits of Vacation Time, PrimeEdge Technology

The Physical and Career Benefits of Vacation Time

One benefit employees desire in a job is paid time off – but studies show that half of all employees in the U.S. don’t fully utilize their vacation time. While it may seem like you have too much to do to take time off, taking vacation time is beneficial to

6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Cloud Service Provider

Finding the right cloud services provider is important. When seeking a partner ask about privacy, security and operational capabilities. Be sure to do your due diligence and ask the right questions to find the perfect partner! Here are six questions questions to ask that can help you choose the right cloud

How to Have a Successful Print Security Plan

Network security plans often overlook one of the most-used devices on the network: the multifunction printer. MFPs perform many tasks, which means they transmit a lot of data, making them a perfect target for hackers. These tips can help you get started on a print security strategy to protect your

Five Financial Processes to Digitize For Improved Productivity, PrimeEdge Technology

Five Financial Processes to Digitize For Increased Productivity

Finances are the heart of your business. Even today, many businesses still rely on manual processes for critical financial tasks. This inefficiency can lead to errors, even cash flow problems. Imaging leaving an invoice on your comptroller’s desk for approval and having it accidentally disappear into a pile of papers. What

Tips to Give Your Office a Spring Cleaning

Taking the time to organize your office will help you create a work environment that is more efficient and conducive to higher productivity. So, why not give your office a thorough spring cleaning? Here are some office spring cleaning tips to help you get rid of clutter and create a more organized

Revamp Your Security Strategy to Include MFPs, PrimeEdge Technology

Revamp Your Security Strategy to Include MFPs

With the increases in cybercrime, security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The digital age has helped to transform the face of business, providing significant benefits such as increased efficiency and accelerated growth. The downside to this same technology is the risk for data theft or ransom, which accounts

Important Hacking Terms to Understand, PrimeEdge Technology

Important Hacking Terms to Understand

Most business owners know that cybercrimes are on the rise and are putting their company at risk, but the lingo surrounding these high-tech attacks can be confusing. Phishing, malware, DoS – what does it all mean? Understanding these terms can help you get a better handle on securing your company.