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Tips to Give Your Office a Spring Cleaning

Taking the time to organize your office will help you create a work environment that is more efficient and conducive to higher productivity. So, why not give your office a thorough spring cleaning?

Here are some office spring cleaning tips to help you get rid of clutter and create a more organized and functional workspace:

1. Divide your workspace into zones.

As you map out a plan for how to tackle spring cleaning in your office divide your workspace into zones. For example, all of your learning resources could be stored in a “library zone” and  all of the materials that you use for client meetings could be stored in a “client zone.” When everything in your office has a designated space, it will be much easier to find when you need it quickly!

2. Digitize documents.

Paper is one of the most common reasons why workspaces become disaster zones. Instead of trying to keep up with piles of paperwork, scan documents and store them electronically. By maintaining a cloud-based digital filing system, you can quickly and securely retrieve electronic documents from any location at any time. Going digital will help you to eliminate the clutter in your office, strengthen security, and contribute to increased productivity.

3. Organize your email inbox.

Research shows that the average office employee receives 121 emails per day! If you’re not proactively managing your inbox, trying to get a grip on email management can be overwhelming and time consuming. As you make out your office spring cleaning to-do list, be sure to take your email inbox into consideration. Setting up folders and grouping conversations is one way to add some order to the emails that you receive each day. You can also encourage your contacts to reach you in other ways than email, such as by phone or through messaging apps.

4. Dedicate a drawer for storing short-term items.

At the beginning of each month, determine which documents and items that you’ll need for upcoming events (tickets, event paraphernalia, etc). Dedicate a drawer in your desk to store these time-sensitive items so that you’ll have them at arm’s length when you need them. Make a point to refresh your drawer at the beginning of each month.

By taking the time to spring clean your office, you’ll benefit from increased efficiency and productivity!

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