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Workflow Automation Benefits for Your Business

Automation is the process of taking a common task and making it digital, to remove paper-based inefficiencies and human error. This process can be especially beneficial for certain areas of business, such as HR and AR/AP. The utilization of automated processing can have immediate benefits for your department, including the following.

  1. Extract high-value information – With email, fax, and paper data coming in, it can be hard to organize and extract the important data. By utilizing automation, this data can automatically be captured and placed in a database, allowing easier access to the critical information you need, without error-prone manual data entry.
  1. Three-way matching – Getting invoices approved means verifying a match – that you received what you intended to purchase, and the terms and amounts match the purchase order. With automated document management, invoices and packing slips can be dealt with digitally, a match confirmed, and the invoice sent for final approval, streamlining the process to free up employees for more important tasks.
  1. Automated document routing – Paper documents often have to find their way to a variety of people for action and approval. With automated document management, this process happens seamlessly – the document is pushed to the next person in the process automatically, speeding it up and making sure documents are handled promptly.
  1. Data sharing – When data is digital, it’s easily shared. By integrating with your existing software, document management systems can reduce duplicates, while also making sure that data is easily accessible and organized. As data is captured, it will be automatically routed into the software systems you already use, making for a seamless and easy transition to automated document management.
  1. Compliance – Regulatory compliance is a big issue for many companies, and making sure everything is in order can be complex – and mistakes costly. Automated document management helps reduce errors, keeps organizes your data, and maintains a paper trail to ensure compliance.

Automated document management can help your business in many ways, both long- and short-term. By improving accuracy and efficiency, simplifying data sharing, and ensuring regulatory compliance, automation can have immediate benefits for many departments within your organization. Give us a call to learn more!

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