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The Workplace After COVID-19

Of all the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to everyday life, one of the biggest is the way businesses operate. Companies across the country and around the world were forced to shut their doors and adapt to having their employees work from home, and experts predict that many of the changes brought on by the pandemic are here to stay.

Work from Home

As employees began logging in from home, business owners realized that in many cases it wasn’t hurting their productivity. In fact, working from home can actually increase productivity and employee satisfaction, while reducing overhead costs such as rent. For these reasons, companies are expected to continue to allow employees the flexibility to work from home, even after the pandemic has passed.

Technology and Video Use

With face-to-face meetings and travel banned, employees had to turn to video conferencing and online collaboration tools to work together and connect with clients. This change saves both time and money, and has been widely adopted and accepted. Now that the infrastructure is in place and workplaces have adapted to the new technology, you can expect that video conferencing is going to be the new normal for many companies.


Employee training is an essential part of keeping your workforce up to date on the latest developments in your field. By switching to e-learning, employees can still get the training they need easily and remotely.

Physical Changes to the Office

As offices reopen, changes are necessary to maintain safe distancing and reduce the risk of infection. These changes may incorporate physical barriers between desks, one-way traffic in the office space, and reduced use of communal spaces. Employees may also have to pass a daily health screening before being allowed in the office. After the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, offices may choose to keep some of the changes that promote employee health and safety, for a healthier future.

As COVID-19 case numbers began rising, companies were forced to quickly adapt to the changing landscape. Fortunately, for many companies the changes have been positive, and have changed the way businesses operate for the long term.

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