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How to Delegate Successfully

Delegating work is an important responsibility for a manager, but one that many people struggle with. Sometimes it seems easier to do the work yourself. However, not delegating means you’re missing out on a lot of benefits.

Why You Need to Delegate

If you’re not delegating work, you’re likely not fulfilling your role as a manager. Trying to do it all yourself not only makes it difficult to do all of your work, but it negatively impacts your employees.

As a manager, it’s your job to help employees grow. By delegating work to them, you are helping them build new skills and grow into their own roles. By helping workers grow, you’re not only helping them individually but also making the company stronger and more likely to retain these good workers.

Delegating also fosters a collaborative work environment. With a team mindset, you can all work together, contributing your talents towards a common goal. This develops a sense of trust and respect that can help your team do better work.

How to Delegate Effectively

Where many managers fall short with delegation is that they don’t follow the process through thoroughly and thoughtfully. These steps can help.

  1. Plan the task out completely and clearly, including expectations for budget, timeline and communication. Having a clear plan will help the process go smoothly.
  2. Communicate the tasks clearly to your employeein. Give context for the task in the larger project.
  3. Confirm that your employee understands the task, timelines, and responsibilities. Now is the time to work out any conflicts or confusion. Confirm that they are taking on the task – don’t just assume!
  4. Don’t take the task back if they run into problems. Instead work through it with them so they are more able to do it alone in the future.
  5. Follow up throughout the process. Good communication will help address any issues before the deadline and avoid last minute problems.

By following these steps, you can have a more successful experience delegating tasks to others.

Do you have trouble delegating work? Many managers do, but it’s an important skill to develop. Not only does it free up time on your schedule, but it builds stronger workers and a better team. When done well, delegation is an essential tool for business.

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