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How Managed Print Services Can Optimize Your School District’s Print Environment

The educational space is heavily dependent on print technology. Despite this, many school districts have inefficient print environments in place with outdated equipment. Managed Print Services can add a lot of value to schools by eliminating inefficiencies and upgrading print technology all while working within a set budget.

Here are several ways that your school district can benefit by partnering with a Managed Print Services provider:

Reduce printing costs and optimize your print environment.

Many school districts are unaware of their out-of-control printing costs. To gain an accurate picture of printing costs, volumes, and user behaviors, a Managed Print Services provider can conduct a print assessment. This fact-based report takes the guesswork out of printing costs and identifies areas that need improvement. A Managed Print Services partner can use this report to optimize your print environment and reduce printing costs by as much as 30 percent.

Utilize the latest print technology.

Most school districts are working within a strict budget and have the misconception that they can’t afford to upgrade their print technology. As a result, the print equipment that they have in place has surpassed its useful life and requires constant service calls. In reality, utilizing the latest print technology is more affordable than schools think. A Managed Print Services provider will take the time to understand your needs and budget and propose solutions that fit within your requirements.

Eliminate wasteful spending.

In an effort to keep printing costs low, many schools have an abundance of desktop printers. While these devices are affordable upfront, the cost of supplies to keep these printers in operation is astronomical. A Managed Print Services provider will help to identify these inefficiencies and propose solutions that will eliminate wasteful spending and right size your print environment.

Serve as a one-stop shop for maintenance and supplies.

The typical school has several different printer makes and models and utilizes a variety of vendors to keep them in operation. This makes it challenging to know who to contact when maintenance is required or when supplies are needed. Managed Print Services can help your school district to overcome these challenges by serving as a one-stop shop for all maintenance and supplies needs.

Contact us to learn how Managed Print Services can help your school district to reduce costs and help your print environment run efficiently.



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