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The Power of Personalized Customer Service, PrimeEdge Technology

The Power of Personalized Customer Service

Exceptional customer service plays a key role in retaining customers, maintaining financial success and growing your business. However, customer service is more than just hiring cheery employees and greeting customers at the door. Great customer service is personalized. When asked, most business owners would most

Five Financial Processes to Digitize For Improved Productivity, PrimeEdge Technology

Five Financial Processes to Digitize For Increased Productivity

Finances are the heart of your business. Even today, many businesses still rely on manual processes for critical financial tasks. This inefficiency can lead to errors, even cash flow problems. Imaging leaving an invoice on your comptroller’s desk for approval and having it accidentally disappear into

Tips to Give Your Office a Spring Cleaning

Taking the time to organize your office will help you create a work environment that is more efficient and conducive to higher productivity. So, why not give your office a thorough spring cleaning? Here are some office spring cleaning tips to help you get rid of clutter

Best Practices for Getting Employees to Embrace New Technology, PrimeEdge

Best Practices for Getting Employees to Embrace New Technology

New technology can offer a wealth of benefits to your business, such as optimizing workflows and increasing productivity. However, getting your employees to embrace the new technology is crucial for your organization to be able to realize these benefits. Since it’s not always easy to get

Use These Tips to Get Your Email Under Control, PrimeEdge Technology

Use These Tips to Get Your Email Under Control

We’ve all done the email dance, labeling and filtering to get email under control. But these hacks just organize you. They don’t do anything to reduce the amount of incoming email. To get those incoming emails under control you’ll need to set some ground rules, and

Be More Productive in 2018 with These Tips

Everyone gets the same 24 hours every day. So why do some people get so much accomplished, while others struggle to get their work done? Here are some secrets of ultra-productive people that can help you start 2018 off on the right foot! Minutes not