Remember the last time you needed a critical document to resolve a customer issue? Did you spend valuable time searching through piles of paper and going through file cabinets in search of the one document you needed to resolve the issue?

Imagine if you could simply type in a search word or number to instantly retrieve the information you need with a simple mouse click. That’s the beauty of scanning your paper documents and converting them into digital text files. Creating a digital database can make your business run more efficiently.

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning (or digital imaging) is the process of using scanning technology and Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) to convert paper documents into searchable digital files. OCR allows your digital text file to be searchable using various criteria like search words or document numbers.

When done properly, scanning can improve workflows and save both time and money. Here are several ways scanning can improve productivity:

  • Save Time and Money – Documents are retrievable with a mouse click. No more staff time wasted searching the office for that critical document. Time saved can be spent on critical business tasks.
  • Improved Customer Service – When you need that critical document to resolve a customer service issue, with digitized files it’s easy. Simply type in a search word, click the mouse and it’s there. That means faster customer service!
  • Reduced Storage Needs – Converting paper documents to digital files means no more filing cabinets taking up valuable office real estate, freeing that space for more productive use.
  • Improved Document Security – Digital documents are accessible 24/7 but data is stored offsite on secure remote servers meaning less time and money spent on onsite security.
  • Collaborate and Share Documents Easily – Colleagues can access, edit and share digital documents easily, from anywhere. No more passing paper documents around.
  • Meet Compliance Regulations – If your industry requires regulatory compliance, secure digital imaging solutions can help meet compliance needs.

Do you want to learn more? Give one of our team members a call and let them show you how implementing a digital document solution can improve productivity and business workflows, make regulatory compliance easier and translate directly to your company’s bottom line by saving you both time and money!

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