If you’ve been thinking of ways to improve your business processes, reduce spending, and increase productivity your first thoughts may not be about your scanner. Utilizing your digital multifunction device to its fullest capacity is a great way to achieve your business goals, while making the most of equipment you already own. Read on to learn more about the many benefits the scanning capabilities of your multifunction printer (MFP) can bring to your office environment.

Cutting Edge Technology

MFPs have been around a relatively short while but in that time the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Designed to conserve money, space and resources by offering several functions in one compact unit, the MFP is most commonly used for printing and copying; many businesses underutilize the scanning function, not realizing its potential.

When first invented, the scanner was used to produce a static image that was filed as such. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) available on quality scanners today, scanned text can be easily converted from your paper document to digital, editable text. This format also makes documents easy to copy, paste, edit, file, index and store securely.

Make The Most Of Your Scanner

Here are four ways to get the most from your scanner:

  1. Automate: Since OCR makes static text editable, documentation is easily named and indexed before becoming part of existing applications. Actions may be automated to save time, such as payments received being instantly credited to a vendor’s account.
  2. Scan to Folder: Save steps by scanning documents directly into a work folder or management system. They will be readily available to staff members, and a backup copy will be stored on your system drive.
  3. Scan to Email: Reduce waste and save time by sending your scanned documentation directly to the recipient, who will receive it as a PDF file.
  4. Improve Workflow: Workflow processes are often labor and paper intensive as hardcopies are passed from one employee to another. Instead, opt to scan documents directly to workflow processes, where staff will be able to keep an eye on their progress, while having the option to access the documents.

Make the most of your investment and improve business processes by using your scanner to streamline your flow of documents.  If you are not currently leveraging the scanning capability on your existing MFP contact your service provider or alternatively you may want to search online and see if you can find any helpful videos or tips.