Printers have traditionally been a weak point for security. A single sheet of confidential information left in the output tray can open the door to data theft. Today’s multifunction printers are even more vulnerable. As an integral part of the network, data can be accessed not only physically at the printer, but through intercepting transmissions and hacking into the hard drive. Securing your MFP is essential to preventing data breaches.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Secure the MFP – Failing to secure your printer is a recipe for compromised security. Implementing an authentication protocol, such as passwords and swipe cards can help restrict access while also creating a paper trail should a breach occur.

Mobile Printing – Mobile printing is a frequently desired functionality that can pose a security risk. By granting only certain levels of authentication to approved mobile users, you can limit the risks that these devices pose.

Hard Drive Security – The internal hard drive on an MFP stores information that could compromise sensitive data if it were to be hacked. User authentication and encryption protocols can help limit access to the printer’s hard drive. It’s good practice to regularly wipe the disk and the log, permanently deleting sensitive data. Before reselling or returning a printer, the hard drive should be carefully wiped to meet industry compliance.

Network Security – Your printer is only as secure as your network. Your MFP should be protected with a firewall, and your network should use strong encryption and other security protocols. The best way to prevent an MFP from being hacked is to make sure your entire network is protected from attack.

Multifunction printers are necessary for the modern office, but are not without risks. However, with user education and security protocols, they can be protected much like other devices on your network. By examining the different areas of security risks, your MFP can be a valuable and secure component to your network.

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