When it comes to running a small or medium sized business (SMB), there are many competing factors to juggle. In many cases, due to budget restrictions and a lack of IT resources, small and medium-sized business owners are forced to do more with less to compete with their larger counterparts. When it comes to technology, more SMBs are discovering that partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can help them achieve their goals.

The Problem

The problem for many SMBs is a lack of resources to devote to non-revenue generating tasks, such as print. The management of supplies, service contracts, regular maintenance and troubleshooting take valuable IT resources away from more important tasks. When a printer goes down, it can significantly impact the productivity of the entire office.

The Solution

More and more, SMBs are turning to a Managed Print Services provider to manage their print environments. With MPS there are different options; you can receive either basic print management or more in-depth automation to completely restructure your print environment. SMBs who partner with a proven MPS provider find there are numerous benefits including:

  • Predictable costs
  • Automatic supply refills
  • Troubleshooting services
  • Device monitoring and servicing
  • Reduced expenses
  • Increased productivity

Getting the Most from Your MPS Program

As MPS becomes increasingly common among SMBs, it is also becoming clear that the more services they use, the more satisfied they are with their print environment. While companies new to MPS enjoy immediate benefits from the service, satisfaction increases with the addition of services such as workflow automation, digital integration (scanning services), and other technological advances such as IT services. These can have a significant impact on cost, productivity and ease of use and employee satisfaction!

Many SMBs have discovered the benefits of Managed Print Services. In doing so, they have also unlocked the secret that by adding additional managed services, they can further reduce costs and boost productivity. For many SMBs, MPS is an important key to their business success.