Paper is the foundation of every business, but with so many more environmentally friendly options out there today, it’s a wonder more businesses haven’t gone paperless. Think about all the steps necessary to deal with each piece. After a document is created, it then needs to be: managed, read, filed, retrieved, entered as data, and then stored or destroyed.

Stacks of paper including invoices, faxes, bills, memos and legal documents, clutter the desks of everyone from the CEO on down, and never stop coming. If you’re wondering why more companies aren’t keen to scrap their paper lifestyles, read on – the reasons may surprise you.

Struggles From Within

Change can be hard, threatening the status quo, and can make people reluctant to commit. Paper has always been a part of business culture, and many find the form and feel too comforting to give up. For others, the perceived learning curve may seem overwhelming, not knowing what is required to go paperless. Still others are highly territorial about their data, assuming that once it’s out of their hands, they may no longer have control over it.


As businesses move forward through the discovery process, learning what is required to go paperless, realization hits that an investment is required. For some, this may stall the entire process, when in reality, it’s not necessary to implement a paperless system all at once.

Old Habits Die Hard

Whether or not you’re old enough to remember when the office copier was first introduced, you can appreciate how much businesses have come to rely on them. But just because the time honored system of copying and filing has worked for so long, doesn’t mean it’s not time for a change. Going paperless, using a series of secure, indexed, searchable electronic files saves both time, and money.

Feeling Overwhelmed

The thought of converting years’ worth of documentation to an electronic format, can be daunting. Fortunately, advancements in document capture and conversion make it easier than ever, and since it can be done in stages, interruptions are kept to a minimum.

Office environments and equipment have changed significantly over the years, but one element remains the same: paper. While all businesses would like to handle less paper on a daily basis, not all know how to begin the process of going paperless. A Managed Print Services provider can help: take the first step and call today.