Buy or lease? That question usually pertains to cars or homes, but in the workplace it’s just as likely to refer to office machines – in particular, printers and copiers.

Whether to purchase or lease generally depends on your budget and needs. Each option offers its advantages and drawbacks, but when you work with a reputable vendor, you can be confident in a selection that nets you the right device.

Let’s compare leasing versus buying to help you make your decision for your business:

Buying …

Pride of purchase accompanies the decision to buy printers or copiers for your workplace. Owning the device outright means you are not tied to a leasing contract or monthly terms. On the other hand, the investment in these machines likely suggests keeping them for a long time – and with evolving technology and changing business needs, you may eventually feel a step or two “behind the curve”. If buying means financing, you must also take those payments into account, as well as depreciation. If your goal is to spend less over the long term, buying can be an attractive choice.

Leasing  …

Just as with a car, leasing can get you the most up-to-date model; as well, you have the option of upgrading your devices as needed. Leasing means making regular payments, which can help you with your budgeting process. Leasing doesn’t usually require a downpayment, and you can write off your lease payments as a business expense that is not subject to capitalization or depreciation. On the downside, lease payments over time cost traditionally more than buying outright, and companies are often surprised by hidden costs at the end of their lease’s term, including significant fees for removal of the machine.

Deciding whether to lease or purchase a printer or copier is an important decision.  Talk to us today about the best way to optimize your business with technology that will keep your employees productive while respecting your bottom line.