Investing in cloud technology for data storage and IT functionality has become a standard practice for large corporations for some time. But for small to medium businesses (SMBs) investing in cloud services still has some barriers to overcome.  That’s changing quickly as many smaller companies are learning just how valuable and affordable cloud services can be for their productivity—and their bottom line.

How the cloud benefits SMBs

The easiest way to explain the cloud is as an invisible storage space for all data—one that lets people easily access the information they need at any time and from any device. It’s like having an office on the go. In actuality, cloud computing is a digital practice where multiple servers are networked in order to store data in a central place for better sharing of resources without a lot of upfront infrastructure costs.

Even outside of the business world, the cloud is taking over. Many people already use cloud technology in areas of their lives and probably don’t even realize it. For the business world, cloud-based technology can be used to improve and implement IT departments and make the workplace more accessible and more mobile at the same time. In short, it allows people to do their jobs more effectively.

Useful cloud services for business use

1. Drop Box. For many people this cloud-based service is an easy way to share large files, photography and more. It’s a simple drag and drop sharing service that businesses have come to depend on.

2. Sales Force. This is considered one of the world’s leaders in cloud computing, offering a range of services that for a diverse target of business—including marketing, CRM, IT and more.

3. Cisco WebEx. This cloud-based meeting solution is designed to make virtual meetings easy and effective. It is a great tool for any company that has a traveling sales force or multiple offices in different locations.

5. Office 365. This cloud-based solution provides a go-to office that’s accessible to users from anywhere, on any device—smart phones, tablets and desktops. It’s like having an office in your pocket.

4. Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is an easy to use cloud service for conducting surveys or creating polls for customers, the general public and even coworkers.

The cloud is here to stay, and as it advances, it promises to make a big impact on both work life and personal life.  Contact us today to find out how moving your IT to the cloud can minimize capital expenditure, reduce your IT operating expenses and provide you with a backup and disaster recovery strategy.