IT research and advisory firm Gartner recently released their top strategic technology trends for 2016, highlighting key developments that could have a significant impact over the next few years. While these trends may not directly impact your business today, with technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it’s important to keep on top of innovative new developments on the horizon.

Below are three technology trends to look for in 2016:

The Device Mesh

Today, many users rely on a number of unconnected devices to manage data, tasks and more. This will soon be changing, evolving into a device mesh in which all of your devices will work together seamlessly. Data will be collected from connected phones, tablets, wearable devices, home electronics and sensors leading to important insights into your daily patterns.

Building on the device mesh will be the ambient user experience. As you move from one device to another or from one location to another, your user experience will remain consistent. This continuity contributes to an enhanced user experience, allowing for greater immersion and enjoyment.

Autonomous Agents

With the increased amount of data being collected, companies will need to look towards advanced machine learning to automate the task of processing and analyzing the data into meaningful information. With deep neural nets, machines will learn to perceive the world and build on that knowledge over time.

These smart machines can become autonomous agents, such a robots that can act without significant human control. In the shorter term, you can expect to see the app-model of interaction give way to intelligent agents, allowing you to speak into your device and have your actions carried out.

Adaptive Security Architecture

Security remains a top concern for organizations, with the cost of a breach being disastrously high. Because the best defense is a good offense, more technology to help companies protect against hacker attacks with predictive modeling and application self defense will continue to evolve.

By building security into every process and device, hackers will have fewer opportunities to gain a foothold. This enhanced security is vital as more and more sensitive data is collected and analyzed within a computer system and cloud-based interactive services become the norm.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for the technology field, laying the groundwork for major leaps in application development and interaction, data collection and autonomous agents.