Whether you are moving to a new location or considering making some furniture and fixture changes at your existing spot, strategically placing your office equipment can make a big difference in several ways. Printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners all take up valuable space in any business; placing them in optimal areas can improve workflow and have a positive impact on office productivity.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best location for your office machines:

  • Who uses what – Spend some time analyzing the needs of your office staff. Marketing may need a high quality color printer, while administrative or accounting personnel may require the use of a scanner or fax. You’ll want to locate these devices close to those who spend the most time using them.
  • Avoid traffic – Try to place your larger machines in a corner or work area where they will not be bumped or in the way of passersby.  This reduces the chances of damage and any potential abuse.
  • Number of machines – Sometimes you may need more than one machine for your work areas.  If your business occupies multiple stories of a building for example, it may make sense to have at least one device on each level to reduce travel time.  Also you may want to consider having one printer that is dedicated to high volume jobs and a secondary printer that can be used if the primary is occupied.
  • Environment – Avoid placing office equipment near water coolers or in areas that may be prone to spills or excess moisture.  A room that is not susceptible to extreme temperature changes is a good choice.
  • Consider an MFP – A multifunction printer (MFP) or all-in-one device can function as a copier, fax, scanner and office printer.  By switching to an MFP not only will you save space – you may enjoy reduced maintenance costs as well.

Strategically placing your office machines in their most effective locations can go a long way towards helping improve workflow and productivity in your office.