The recent “WannaCry” ransomware attack was chilling in its effects. Within hours, it infected over 300,000 Windows PCs, locking users out from their data and demanding a $300 ransom per infected machine to regain access. If not for an accidental intervention it could have been much worse. Ransomware is a real threat that can stop your business cold.

Are You at Risk?

Today, if you rely on access to critical data, you’re at risk. If you can’t afford to lose access and you don’t have a recovery plan in place, the survival of your business can hang in the balance. Imagine if you lost access to your data for just one day. What if you were locked out for a week? Would your business survive?

Here are four tips to help keep your business safe:

  • Back Up Critical Data – Nothing is as simple and more effective as a defense. Your critical information should be backed up every day, and a copy kept offsite. Consider storing your data on the cloud. It’s cost-effective, safe and an easy way to protect your data.
  • Don’t Open Unsolicited Email or Click on Unknown Links – Spam that contains malicious software or dangerous links are the most common way criminals can gain access to your network. If you don’t know the sender or recognize the link, just delete it!
  • Protect Your Network – While there are new strains of viruses and ransomware coming online, keeping your OS up to date and installing all security patches immediately can reduce risk. It’s not a perfect solution but it can significantly reduce your risks.
  • If You Are Compromised, Disconnect! – Quarantine infected systems and remove them from your network immediately. Make sure to also disable wireless and Bluetooth access. Determine the infection and if it is a known strain there may be help available. If not, do a clean OS install, restore your backed up data and you’ll be back in business quickly.

Security is necessary for every business. Backup your data daily, keep a copy offsite, and have a recovery plan. Take these simple steps, lower your risk and protect your business.

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