You’re probably familiar with Managed Print Services and have at least heard of a print assessment. If you’ve heard the term and always wondered what exactly a print assessment entails, what follows is a look at some of the key information that is gathered during an assessment.

For many businesses, the print environment is a source of unnecessary expenses. In fact, almost 90% of businesses don’t have a firm grasp of what they spend on print. A print assessment done by a Managed Print Services provider examines your print environment, determines costs, and provides you with a snapshot of what’s working and what isn’t along with recommendations for improvement.

Here’s what your MPS provider examines:

  • Technology Inventory – First, your MPS provider will take a complete inventory of all print related technology including networked and non-networked printers.
  • Utilization – Through software monitoring, an assessment will examine who is printing what, where, color vs black and white etc. This includes tracking documents through the entire workflow process.
  • Determine Total Cost of Printing – Digging into the numbers, your provider will give you a report that includes both direct and indirect costs, per device including maintenance, service and supply costs.
  • Analyze Workflows – See how information flows through your business to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies.
  • Environmental Impact – What is your current eco-footprint and how can you make small changes to improve quickly. For example, defaulting printers to two-sided prints can reduce paper consumption by half. Recycling toner cartridges and even converting paper documents to digital workflows to conserve paper can make processes more efficient and energy friendly!

Upon completing your print assessment, your MPS provider will prepare a comprehensive report that will break down your print environment including cost per device, usage, workflows and more. They will also include recommendations you can use on your own to improve your bottom line. In addition, they can design a Managed Print solution based on the actual needs and goals of your organization that will include managing your fleet, service options, supplies, helpdesk support and more all for a fixed cost per page!

Want to learn more? Contact one of our team members today and schedule a complimentary print assessment. Let us show you how you can cut costs, improve productivity, and deliver the savings straight to your bottom line!