Many small businesses believe that they are safe from data breaches because of their size. They’re under the mistaken belief that hackers only target large data rich corporations. The fact is, small business is often more likely to be targeted precisely because they believe they’re not at risk, making them easy targets.

Many SMBs Are Not Prepared. Are You?

Most small and mid-sized businesses possess customer data, financial information and employee records that are valuable to criminals.

A recent study by the cyber security firm FireEye found that SMBs are particularly at risk.

They report:

  • 60% of SMBs do not believe they are at risk
  • More than 40% of respondents have inadequate security budgets
  • Only 36% have data security policies in place!

On the one hand, most SMBs don’t believe they’re at risk. On the other hand, even if they recognize the danger, they often lack the resources to combat a breach.

FireEye concluded “small and midsize businesses face the same threats as large corporations, but have a fraction of the resources to deal with them.” Many small businesses have limited staff to handle their IT needs, and often those employees are not adequately knowledgeable about security issues. This is the gap that hackers love to exploit!

Find a Partner

Breaches happen and you need a plan. Assess your current data security. Do you have the staff to make security a priority? Do you have countermeasures in place and are they current? It takes resources and staff to prepare for threats.

Many SMBs are turning to Managed IT Services to ensure the security of their data.  They have the resources to maintain 24-hour monitoring and will keep your office machines up to date with current patches and upgrades. Partnering with a Managed IT provider is a cost effective approach to data security. Contact us and let us show you how we can meet your security needs!