Are you spending too much on print? What if you could remove the inefficiencies in your print environment? You’d enjoy cost savings, predictability and productivity gains. The key lies in identifying and eliminating inefficiency.

Here are some tell tales signs to watch for:

  • Printer Proliferation – One sign of inefficiency is a lot of printers throughout your office. A rule of thumb: cheap printers typically aren’t cheap to operate. While the entry price is low, consumables can cost you big. If office equipment purchasing is decentralized these “hidden costs” can add up and often go unaccounted for.
  • Too Many Prints – Unnecessary prints cost money and overprinting is an inefficient practice wasting paper and toner. Unsecured documents are also a security risk, with 90% of businesses breached reporting that unsecured print was the cause.
  • Too Many Color Prints – Color print costs can be 4 times those of black and white. Certain color printing is necessary, marketing materials for example. But most documents are fine printed in monochrome. Put print protocols in place and monitor color output to lower costs.
  • Too Much Staff Time Spent on Print Related Issues – It’s estimated 40-60% of IT time is spent on print-related issues, taking time away from critical business tasks.

Managed Print Services Solutions

Managed Print Services can help get your print environment under control. An MPS provider will optimize and manage your entire print environment taking the burden off your IT team. They’ll begin by assessing your current situation and determining your actual costs. Then they will create a plan to optimize your print environment.

Outsourcing your print to an MPS provider can free up staff time for more important tasks. It’s a great way to make the most of your print budget and MPS will improve productivity, streamline workflows and lower costs. Engaging a Managed Print Services provider is a smart business decision! Not sure if Managed Print Services is right for your business? Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have.